Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How to treat Acne in 4 days with the help of Banana Peels

Nothing revolutionary for me other than the banana peels!

Yes, banana is something that concerns your beauty and it is 90% assure that the humanity has already slipped on at least one banana peel at their lifetime that is so funny yet interesting. Make sure banana can be a powerful remedy to set your entire acne problem.

Now do not throw the banana peels, just a simple piece can do wonders on your skin to heal acne. So it has been confirmed that banana is not only used as moisturizing face mask and rejuvenating the skin but it can be a magical treatment for acne.
how to treat acne with banana peels
Banana peels are priceless as it has potassium and antioxidants so these are capable of reducing the irritation of skin, redness and swelling along with diminishing the acne scars.

You just have to follow the 5 steps to stay away from the acne.

1. Eat a ripe banana as they are beneficial for you overall health.

2. Take a banana peel and cut a small piece of about 1.5 inch.

3. Rub the inside part of the peel for approximately 5 minutes until the peel changes its color to brown. Replace the banana peel and throw away.

4. Clean up the skin around with lukewarm water but let the banana dry on the affected part then wait to see the magic.

5. Repeat the process at least 3 times a day.

Apply banana peel to reduce the acne as it will do the fast reaction within a few days later. In fact, the results can be shown overnight. Say bye to all the commercial anti-acne treatments.

Check out my field study and see the amazing results of banana peels to treat acne in just 4 days!
how to treat acne in 4 days with the help of banana peels
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